CEO’s Message


A rich History

As I look at the growth over the years since our inception in 1998, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved, and even more excited about our outlook for an equally promising future. We have successfully transitioned from a single city start-up to become a respected firm, garnering business from across the region, while earning our clients’ trust along the way.

Since the management buyout in 2010, CompuMe has fulfilled all its obligations and has grown its business on solid financial grounds. Today CompuMe is the largest management company for store-in-store concept and has grown smarter, more productive and more approachable by both customers and partners together.

A new Tecbuy

The CompuMe brand name resonates years of experience, innovation and growth in the consumer electronics industry. With a constantly evolving brand portfolio, CompuMe has been at the forefront of technology and a pioneer in bringing great ideas and products to the region.

The store-in-store concept pioneered by CompuMe reached new heights as we increased business by 40% year on year. We will now operate and rebrand CompuMe as ‘Tecbuy @ Virgin’. Our partnership with Virgin Megastores is only growing stronger every day resulting in more areas being allocated to CompuMe in Virgin Megastores across the UAE and region.

Tecbuy (formerly CompuMe) will also be expanding its business with Carrefour Markets across the UAE with a positive outlook of increasing its presence within the next three years.

Our eyes are now firmly focused on the future. By staying true to our founding principals and constantly seeking the best ways to reach out to all our customers and partners wherever they are, we are very happy and proud with our growing partnership and presence in Virgin Megastores and Carrefour Markets. We will also be announcing new ventures that aim to increase Tecbuy’s market share not only in the UAE, but also across the entire region.